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Typeface design and development

With over 20 years experience in typeface design and development projects, Metaone can design and create completely new and original typefaces, add to or enhance existing fonts, build logo fonts and make hand writing fonts for Macs and PCs in PostScript, TrueType or OpenType.

Typefaces created by Meta One are always produced to the highest standard using the latest type design and production software.

Our custom typeface design and development services are headed by John Clements During a long career specialising in all aspects of typeface consultancy, design, development and production, John has been involved in many typeface and logotype development projects, including work for:

CeL International
Boutros Fonts
Seiko Europe Limited
Daimler Chrysler
Seat cars
London Transport
Danske Bank
The Times
The Sunday Telegraph
The Foundry
Coutts Bank
Price Waterhouse Coopers
BG plc
Applied Arabic
British Rail
Shell Petroleum

If you are looking at developing a new font or enhancing an existing design, why not talk to Metaone?