Latest News: We design and produce templates to work with all versions of Microsoft Office on both Macs and PCs  

Software development

Sometimes a template just isn't enough.

When a higher degree of control over design and content is required, we can provide bespoke tools to help. Ranging from simple custom toolbar options in Microsoft Word templates for creating e-letters or managing document styling, through to highly automated document compilation software and content conversion - for instance to HTML emails.

Our custom template tools and software are used by leading financial companies, research firms, law firms, Government departments and a number of blue chip companies.All of our software solutions are designed around your requirements. We take the time and effort to understand precisely what is needed before making our recommendations.

If you already have a document publishing or presentation project then why not talk to Metaone? Take a look at some of our recent projects:

Microsoft Excel chart converter - Automatically converts charts in Microsoft Excel to match your brand guidelines. A single click of the menu option makes sure that your charts are always consistent with brand and design guidelines.

MetaChart - A chart wizard add-in for Microsoft Excel that helps create charts in your brand style. MetaChart includes a series of options for different chart types, all customised to match your corporate and brand guidelines.

Metatable - Automatically styles table data when copied from Excel into Microsoft Word. Widely used by companies in the financial services sector for production of table-heavy reports and notes.

HTML converter - Our HTML conversion tool can automatically convert your Word documents into fully functional HTML files, ideal for HTML emails.

Document compiler - We believe strongly in reusing content whenever possible. Our document compiler is ideal for generating large reports from multiple documents, or combined with our HTML converter, it makes a powerful tool for fast turnaround email updates.

Bespoke solutions - We are often asked to develop custom solutions to solve specific problems. Some of our recent projects have included:

  • Fully automated production of Word and PowerPoint Investment Summary reports created directly from a database - created for a leading stockbroking firm.
  • Fully automated production of highly styled Word reports created directly from Excel data - produced for a medical research organisation
  • Development of interactive charting solutions.