Latest News: We design and produce templates to work with all versions of Microsoft Office on both Macs and PCs  

Design Agencies

Design companies are frequently asked to provide more than just design solutions, and that's where Metaone can help.

Our services are used by many leading design agencies who excel at the creative process, but do not have the in-house expertise required for creating Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel templates. These templates are often an integral part of an agency's design solution.

We can work discreetly as part of your team or in conjunction with you as an 'expert' resource. Either way, Metaone allows you to offer high quality Microsoft Office templates to your clients.

We have a strong design background, but specialise in creating and implementing templates, fonts and brand graphics for business. We understand design, but more importantly we have the know-how and experience to help implement it effectively - bridging the gap between design and technology.

If you would like to discuss our services for design agencies, why not get in touch?.