Latest News: We design and produce templates to work with all versions of Microsoft Office on both Macs and PCs  


Your design agency has produced a first class design, the corporate guidelines are written and it's all progressing well. Now, it's time to get the identity elements and collateral rolled out to the business.

But first some questions:

  • Who can create the Word and PowerPoint template for your staff?
  • Do you need company branded emails and signatures?
  • Will the corporate fonts, templates and graphics work on all of your systems?
  • How can you protect your design and prevent users from changing it?
  • Does your IT department have the design skills and time to accurately set up and manage your identity elements?

Metaone can help provide the answers - and provide solutions that are carefully crafted to your business.

We have a strong design background, but specialise in creating and implementing templates, fonts and brand graphics for businesses. Much of our work is carried out for businesses that need some help creating and implementing their visual identity elements and brand collateral.

We understand design, but more importantly we have the technical know-how and experience to help implement it - effectively we.bridge the gap between design and technology.

If you would like to discuss our services wed welcome an opportunity to talk to you.